2016 Post-Dialogue workshop

Corpus Approaches to Chinese Social Science (CACSS)

Date: Saturday, 9:00-16:30 3rd December 2016

Venue: S-2.23, the Strand Building, King’s College London

With the enhancement of interdisciplinary awareness, linguistic methods, such as corpus based discourse studies, have been applied to sociology, ethnography, cultural studies, psychology, cognitive science and computer science, etc. In the past decade Chinese social scientists are seeking for new methods in analyzing large quantity of texts in addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis. For example, the Contemporary China Social Life Data and Research Centre (CCSLC), Fudan University of China has collected unique set of data on contemporary Chinese social life since 1949, consists of more than 300,000 personal correspondences, over 1,000 books of personal notes, diaries, huge information of the history of personal life, as well as large amount of interview notes, and monographs. The Brill Company has signed a contract with Fudan University Publishing House for publication of 30 volumes of them. This precious material is inevitably adopted as a default resource for the research which language matters. it will undoubtedly be very helpful for understanding the construction of contemporary China's social order and deep structure of ordinary people's relationships. Inspirited by the ESRC Centre of Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) at Lancaster University, CCPN Global engages the CASS, Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) of UCL, the Contemporary China Social Life Data and Research Centre (CCSLC) of Fudan University and the RCDC (the Research Centre for Discourse and Communication, Zhejiang University of Media and Communication), together developing the programme of the CACSS. This workshop will introduce related work and engage further discussions with people who are interested in this initiative.      

Date: Saturday, 9:00-16:30 3rd December 2016

Venue: S-2.23, the Strand Building, King’s College London.

Theme: Corpus Approach to Chinese Social Science (CACSS) workshop


  • CCPN Global (China in Comparative Perspective Network Global, Charity No.: 1154640; an affiliate member of the Academy of Social Sciences)
  • Lau China Institute, Kings College London.


  • ESRC Centre of Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) at Lancaster University, UK
  • Contemporary China Social Life Data and Research Center (CCSLC) of Fudan University, China
  • Research Centre for Discourse and Communication (RCDC), Zhejiang University of Media and Communication, China


  • Professor Kerry Brown, Director of Lau China Institute, King’s College London
  • Professor Yufang Qian, Director of Research Centre for Discourse and Communications, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Tony McEnery, Director of ESRC Centre for CASS, Lancaster University; ESRC Research Director, UK

  • Professor Yueguo Gu, Director, China Multilingual & Multimodal Corpora & Big Data Research Centre, CASS and BFSU, China


Other speakers (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr Qing Cao, Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Director of Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University, UK
  • Professor Xiangqun Chang, Director of CCPN Global; Honorary Professor of UCL, UK
  • Professor Jiaojiang Luo, Dean of Institute of Social Development, Wuhan University, China; General Secretory of CCPN Global
  • Professor Yufang Qian, Director of Research Centre for Discourse and Communications, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China
  • Dr. Mike Scott, Aston University; Founder of the Lexical Analysis Software, UK
  • Professor Letian Zhang, Director of the Centre for CCSLC and Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Fudan University, China; and Co-Director of the CCPN Global


  • This workshop is an extension of the Panel 4 Corpus-based discourse studies on climate change, and in conjunction with the 3rd Global China Dialogue: Sustainability and Global Governance for Climate Change (GCD III)
  • It is also an open academic event, for both participants of the GCD III and others who are interested in this topic. 
  • This is a free event, but registration is requested. Click HERE for registration 
  • The presentations and discussions will be published as proceedings in Corpus Approaches to Chinese Social Sciences series

Website: see updated info at http://www.dialogue.global-china.org/post-dialogue-workshop-chinese-social-science-gcd-highlight

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Contact: events@ccpn-global.org

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地点:S-2.23, the Strand Building, 伦敦国王学院




  • 全球中国比较研究会(CPPN)
  • 伦敦国王学院中国研究中心


  • 兰卡斯特大学语料库与社会科学研究中心(CASS)
  • 复旦大学当代社会生活数据研究中心(CCSLC)
  • 浙江传媒学院话语与传播研究中心(RCDC)


  • 凯瑞布朗(Kerry Brown)教授,伦敦国王学院中国研究院院长
  • 钱毓芳教授,浙江传媒学院话语与传播研究中心主任


  • 托尼·麦肯勒里(Tony McEnery)教授,英国兰卡斯特大学语料库与社会科学研究中心主任,英国经济与社会科学研究委员会研究主任

  • 顾曰国,中国社会科学院-北京外国语大学多语种、多模态语料库与大数据中心主任



  • 曹青博士,英国杜伦大学现代语言与文化学院中文系主任,高级讲师
  • 常向群教授,全球中国比较研究会会长,英国伦敦大学学院荣誉教授
  • 罗教讲教授,中国武汉大学社会发展研究院院长,全球中国比较研究会秘书长
  • 钱毓芳教授,中国浙江传媒学院话语与传播研究中心主任
  • 迈克·斯科特(Mike Scott)博士,英国阿斯顿大学,WordSmith Tools作者
  • 张乐天教授,中国复旦大学当代社会生活数据研究中心主任,全球中国比较研究会中方会长


  • 这个工作坊是第三届全球中国对话:可持续发展与气候变化的全球治理(GCD III)的第四个论坛“基于语料库有关气候变化的话语研究”的延伸活动
  • 此活动对所有与会参加其他论坛对此话题感兴趣的与会人员开放
  • 此活动免费,但需事先报名。报名请点击此处
  • 这些发言与讨论将以会议论文集的形式发表在《语料库与中国社科研究》系列中。



1. 全球中国对话网站(英汉双语) http://www.dialogue.global-china.org 

2. 第三届全球中国对话网页

3. 第三届全球中国对话会后论坛网页



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