VIII  Participants

  • Dr Hassan Abdullah Al-Dajah, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Strategic Studies, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan [Panel III: Speaker;Reception]
  • Professor Martin Albrow FAcSS, Honorary Vice-President of the British Sociological Association (BSA); Honorary President of Global China Institute, UK; Emeritus Professor of the University of Wales, UK [Opening and Closing sessions: Chair; Reception]
  • Mrs Patricia Walker Allmond, Non-Executive President of International Association of Cultural & Creative Industries (IACCI), UK [Panel II: Chair & discussant; Reception]
  • Professor Paul Baker, Department: Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University; Editor of the journal Corpora[Reception]
  • Mr Duncan Bartlett, Editor of Asian Affairs magazine, UK [Dialogue]
  • Ms. Theresa Booth, Director of the Chopsticks Club [Reception]
  • Professor Kerry Brown, Director of the Lau China Institute at King's College, London; Associate Fellow, Asia Programme of the Chatham House, UK [Reception, tbc]
  • Dr Qing Cao, Associate Professor, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University, UK [Panel IV: speaker;Reception]
  • Professor Stephen Chan OBE, Professor of International Relations and World Politics, Foundation Dean of Law & Social Sciences, SOAS, University of London, UK [Reception, tbc]
  • Professor Xiangqun Chang FRSA, President of Global China Institute, UK; Honorary Professor of UCL, UK [Panel IV and Reception: Speaker]
  • Ms CHEN Lanxin, PhD student, Chinese Marxism Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China;Researcher of Global China Institute, UK [Dialogue;Reception]
  • Mr Neil Clarke, Department of English, King’s College London [Reception]
  • Ms H-J Colston, Co-Director of the Chopsticks Club [Reception]
  • Dr Olaf Corry, Associate Professor at Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark [Panel I: Speaker;Reception]
  • Mrs Ingrid Cranfield, Deputy Director of Global China Institute; President and Principal Editor of Global Century Press, UK [Closing: launch of new books;Reception]
  • Professor Hugo de Burgh, Director of China Media Centre, University of Westminster, UK [Reception: chair]
  • Dr Dongning Feng, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Translation Studies, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London, UK [Dialogue;Reception]
  • Professor Lord Anthony Giddens, Former Director of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK [Opeing: Greeting]
  • Professor GUO Aimin, Deputy Dean of the School of Social Development, Nanjing Normal University, China; Visiting Fellow at Oxford University [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor GUO Dan, Former Director of Institute of Political Science, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences. Deputy General Secretary, the Chinese Association of Political Science, China [Panel II: Speaker;Reception]
  • Professor Chris Hamnett FAcSS FRSA FKC, Emeritus Professor of Department of Geography and Affiliates of the Lau China Institute, King's College London [Reception]
  • Mr Chris Henson, Membership Secretary, Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, UK [Reception]
  • Mr Philip Hao, Deputy General Secretary of Global China Institute; Director of Global Education Comparative Study Center (LwB-GEx), Global China Institute; President of YES Global; CEO of UVIC Group and Learning without Borders (LwB), UK [Reception]
  • Dr Nathan W. Hill, Senior Lecturer, Former Head of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, SOAS, University of London [Panel II: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr Ivan Hon, Associate Translator and Editor of Global China Institute, UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor Yiling Hou, Chinese Director, London London Confucius Institute, SOAS, University of London [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Dr HUAN Pingqing, Associate Professor in Sociology, School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China [Panel IV: Speaker;Reception]
  • Ms Shan Huang, PhD candidate of Lau China Institute, KCL, UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor Martin Jacques, Senior Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge, UK; Visiting Professor at Fudan University, China [Closing: speaker; Reception]
  • Professor Mary Kaldor, Director of the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit, Department of International Development, LSE [Open: Keynote; Reception]
  • Mr KANG Richong, PhD student, University of Cambridge [Dialogue; Reception] 
  • Mr Harish Kohli, Founder of the Asian Geographic Trust and Founder and CEO of; author of Across the Frozen Himalaya [Panel II: Speaker; Reception]
  • Professor LI Junfu, Deputy Head of Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, China;Visiting Fellow at Oxford University [Dialogue; Reception] [Panel IV: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr LI Linxi, King's College London [Dialogue; Reception] 
  • Professor LI Wei, Director of Centre for Applied Linguistics, IOE, University College London, UK [Reception: speaker]
  • Minister MA Hui, the Chinese Embassy to the UK [Opening: Greeting]
  • Ms MA Lei, First secretary, Culture Office, the Chinese Embassy to the UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor Hanns Maull, Senior Distinguished Fellow, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany [Panel III: Speaker; Panel IV: Chair & discussant;Reception]
  • Professor Tony McEnery, Director of FAcSS, FRSA, ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS); Distinguished Professor of Lancaster University, UK [Reception]
  • Professor Patrick Mendis, distinguished visiting professor of global affairs at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan and a senior fellow of the Taiwan Centre for Security Studies in Taipei [Panel III: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr Martin Mills, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Aberdeen; Chairman of Aberdeen Chinese Studies Group; Director of the Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research [Panel II: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dame Sue Owen DCB [Reception: speaker]
  • Dr Alessio Patalano, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Asian Security & Warfare Research Group, Department of War Studies, King’s College London [Panel I: Speaker;Reception]
  • Mr Nick Prendergast, Associate Editor, Global China Institute [Dialogue; Reception] 
  • Mr QU Fanfu, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge, UK [Dialogue; Reception]  
  • Dr Iavor Rangelov, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit in the Department of International Development, LSE; Chairman of the Executive Board of the Humanitarian Law Centre in Belgrade and Co-Chair of the London Transitional Justice Network [Panel I: Speaker;Reception]
  • Ms Zoe Reed, Chair, Society for Anglo Chinese Understanding (SACU) [Reception]
  • Dr Joël Ruet, Chairman, The Bridge Tank, France [Panle II: Chair & discussant (tbc); Panel IV: Speaker;Reception]
  • Mrs Rokhaya WADE-RUET, Dr Joël Ruet’s wife
  • Professor Peter Schröder, Department of History and UCL European & International Social & Political Studies, University College London [Panel III: Chair; Panel IV: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr Hakan Seckinelgin, Associate Professor, Department of Social Policy, LSE; Editor in Chief of Journal of Civil Society [Panel I: Chair & discussant;Reception]
  • Dr Xiaobai Shen, Senior Lecturer in International and Chinese Business; East Asian Coordinator of the Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (ISSTI), University of Edinburgh [Panel I: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr Lianyi Song, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Mr David Stanley, UVIC Group [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor Henry Hong Sun, Director International of Business Research Institute and Visiting Professor at Business School, University of Chester, UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Ms Ling Tang, PhD candidate at University of Oxford; Researcher at Global China [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Dr Ning Tang,  Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics; International Coordinator, Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University;Trustee of Global China Institute, Executive Editor of Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP); UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Ms Xintong Tian, New media and creative tourism entrepreneur sponsored by University of Leeds; Project manager, Global China Institute [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Ms Veronica Jingyi Wang, PhD candidate at University of Cambridge; Researcher at Global China Research Institute [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Dr Frances Wood, former head of the Chinese department at the British Library and Sinologist, UK [Reception]
  • Dr Belinda M. Wu, Deputy General Secretary and Research Fellow of Global China Institute, UK [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Ms Sophia Xiao, UVIC Group [Dialogue; Reception]
  • Professor XIE Lizhong, Director of Research Centre for Social Theory, Peking University, China; Chinese President of Global China Institute [Opening: Keynote; Reception]
  • Ms XUE Ling, Director of the London Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of PRC [Reception]
  • Dr YANG Shuo, King's College London [Dialogue] 
  • Ms Sophie Wushuang Yi, PhD student, The Lau China Institute, King’s College London, UK [Panel III: Speaker;Reception]
  • Dr YU Hongjun, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD); Senior Specialist, the Academy of Contemporary World and China Studies; Senior Advice of Beijing Belt & Road Cooperative Community (BRCC); Former Vice-Minister of the of the International Liaison Department of the CPC, China [Opening: Greeting]
  • Minister Counsellor, YU Peng, Culture Office, Chinese Embassy to the UK [Reception: speaker]
  • Professor XU Baofeng, School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Project Director of “Chinese Culture and Translation Studies Support Network” (CCTSS), BLCU, China [Panel II: Chair & discussant; Reception]
  • Professor ZHAO Kejin, Deputy Dean of School of Social Sciences; Deputy Dean of the Institute for Global Common Development, Tsinghua University, China [Closing: speaker; Reception]
  • tbc, UVIC Group [Dialogue; Reception]

(To be updated)

八 与会者名单

  • 哈桑·阿卜杜拉·阿尔-达亚(Hassan Abdullah Al-Dajah)博士,约旦侯赛因宾塔拉勒大学媒体与战略研究系副教授 [版块三:发言;招待会]
  • 马丁·阿尔布劳(Martin Albrow)教授,英国社科院院士;英国社会学会荣誉副主席;全球中国研究院荣誉院长;威尔士大学荣休教授[开幕式和闭幕式:主持;招待会]
  • 帕特里夏·沃克·艾尔蒙德 (Patricia Walker Allmond)女士,英国国际文化创意产业协会(IACCI)非执行主席 [版块II:主持和评议;招待会]
  • 保罗·贝克教授,兰开斯特大学语言学和英语系;Corpora期刊编辑[招待会]
  • 邓肯·巴特利特(Duncan Bartlett)先生,《亚洲事务》杂志编辑;英国BBC世界服务世界商业报告的前主持人 [对话]
  • 邓丽莎(Theresa Booth) 女士,英国筷子俱乐部联合首席执行官[招待会]
  • 凯瑞·布朗教授 Kerry Brown 英国伦敦国王学院中国研究院院长;英国英国皇家国际事务研究所亚洲计划兼职研究员 [招待会]
  • 曹青博士,英国杜伦大学现代语言与文化学院副教授 [版块四:发言;招待会]
  • 斯蒂芬·陈 Stephen Chan教授,大英帝国勋章获得者,英国伦敦大学亚非学院法律与社会科学学院创院院长,国际关系和世界政治学教授[招待会]
  • 常向群教授,皇家艺术院院士、英国全球中国研究院院长;英国伦敦大学学院荣誉教授 [版块四和招待会:发言]
  • 陈兰馨女士,上海社会科学院中国马克思主义研究所博士研究生;全球中国研究院研究人员 [对话;招待会]
  • 常诚 (Neil Clarke)先生,伦敦国王学院英语系学生[招待会]
  • 童海珍(HJ Colston)女士,英国筷子俱乐部联合首席执行官[招待会]
  • 奥拉夫·科里(Olaf Corry)博士,丹麦哥本哈根大学政治系副教授 [版块一:发言;招待会]
  • 英格丽·克兰菲尔德(Ingrid Cranfield)女士,英国全球中国研究院副院长、全球世纪出版社社长 [闭幕式:发布新书;招待会]
  • 戴雨果(Hugo de Burgh)教授,英国威斯敏斯特大学中国传媒中心主任 [招待会:主持]
  • 冯东宁博士,英国伦敦大学亚非学院高级讲师,翻译中心前主任 [对话;招待会]
  • 安东尼·吉登斯(Anthony Giddens)教授勋爵,英国伦敦政治经济学院前校长 [开幕式:致辞]
  • 郭爱民教授,中国南京师范大学社会发展学院副院长;牛津大学访问学者 [对话;招待会]
  • 郭丹研究员,中国四川省社科院政治研究所前所长;中国政治学协会副秘书长 [版块二:发言;招待会]
  • 克里斯·哈姆内特 (Chris Hamnett) 教授,英国社科院院士、皇家艺术院院士,英国伦敦国王学院地理系荣休教授及中国研究院研究员;中国电子科技大学客座教授 [招待会]
  • 克里斯·汉森先生,英中了解协会会员秘书长 [对话;招待会]
  • 郝斐先生,英国全球中国研究院副秘书长,学无国界全球教育比较研究中心主任;UVIC集团和学无国界总裁;全球青年企业家协会会长 [招待会]
  • 納森·希尔(Nathan W. Hill)博士,英国伦敦大学亚非学院东亚语言和文化系前系主任,高级讲师 [版块二:发言;招待会]
  • 韩志豪(Ivan Hon)博士,英国全球中国研究院研究人员、翻译 [对话;招待会]
  • 侯毅凌教授,伦敦孔子学院中方院长 [对话;招待会]
  • 奂平清博士,中国人民大学社会与人口学院副教授 [版块四:发言;招待会]
  • 黄珊女士,英国伦敦国王学院刘氏中国研究所博士生 [对话;招待会]
  • 马丁·雅克(Martin Jacques)教授,剑桥大学政治与国际系高级研究员 [闭幕式:发言;招待会]
  • 玛丽·卡尔多(Mary Kaldor)教授,伦敦政治经济学院国际发展部冲突与公民社会研究室主任 [开幕式;发言;招待会]
  • 康日翀先生,英国剑桥大学博士生 [对话;招待会]
  • 哈里斯·科利(Harish Kohli)先生,亚洲地理基金会创始人;英国Awimaway.com豪华冒险旅游公司首席执行官;《跨越冰雪的喜马拉雅山》的作者 [版块二:发言; 招待会]
  • 李君甫教授,中国北京工业大学社会科学学院社会学系副系主任;牛津大学访问学者 [版块三:发言;招待会]
  • 李琳熙博士,英国伦敦国王学院 [对话;招待会]
  • 李嵬教授,英国社科院院士、皇家艺术院院士,伦敦大学学院应用语言学中心主任 [招待会:发言]
  • 马辉公使,中国驻英国大使馆 [开幕式:致辞]
  • 马蕾女士,中国驻英使馆文化处秘书 [对话;招待会]
  • 汉斯·马尔(Hanns Maull)教授,德国国际安全事务研究所高级杰出研究员 [版块四:主持及评议; 版块三:发言;招待会]
  • 托尼·麦肯勒里(Tony McEnery)教授,英国社科院院士、皇家艺术院院士,英国社科语料库研究中心主任,兰卡斯特大学教授 [招待会]
  • 马丁·米尔斯(Martin Mills)博士,英国阿伯丁大学社会科学学院人类学系高级讲师;阿伯丁中国研究组负责人 [版块二:发言;招待会]
  • 苏·欧文(Dame Sue Owen)女勋爵,巴斯勋章指挥官获得者,英国文化、媒体和体育部前副部长 [招待会:发言]
  • 阿列索∙帕特拉诺(Alessio Patalano)博士,伦敦大学国王学院战争研究系高级讲师,亚洲安全与作战研究组主任 [版块一:发言;招待会]
  • 潘德刚先生Nick Prendergast, 全球中国研究院助理研究人员及翻译; 英国伦敦经济学院中国比较研究硕士 [对话;招待会]
  • 曲蕃夫先生,英国剑桥大学博士候选人[对话;招待会]
  • 伊沃·兰格洛夫(Iavor Rangelov)博士,伦敦经济学院国际发展系民间社会和人类安全研究部副教授; 贝尔格莱德人道主义法律中心执行委员会主席兼伦敦过渡时期司法网络联合主席 [版块一:发言;招待会]
  • 瑞德(Zoe Reed)女士,英中了解协会主席[招待会]
  • 周端(Joël Ruet)博士,法国桥智库(The Bridge Tank)主席和新兴经济体观察咨询公司(OEEC)的创始合伙人 [版块二:主持及评议(tbc); 版块四:发言; 招待会]
  • 罗卡亚·韦德-瑞(Rokhaya Wade-Ruet)女士,周端(Joël Ruet)博士的夫人
  • 彼得·施罗德(Peter Schröder)教授,伦敦大学学院历史系和伦敦大学学院欧洲与国际社会政治研究所 [版块三:主持及评议; 版块四:发言:招待会]
  • 哈坎·赛金尔金(Hakan Seckinelgin)博士,伦敦政治经济学院社会政策系副教授 [版块一:主持及评议;招待会]
  • 沈小白博士,英国爱丁堡大学商学院高级讲师 [版块一:发言;招待会]
  • 宋连谊博士, 伦敦大学亚非学院东亚语言文化系教授级讲师 [对话;招待会]
  • 大卫·斯坦利(David Stanley)先生, UVIC教育集团 [对话;招待会]
  • 孙鸿教授,英国特斯特大学商学院国际院长
  • 唐凌女士,英国牛津大学博士候选人;全球中国研究院研究人员 [对话;招待会]
  • 唐柠博士, 英国谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学心理学、社会学和政治系学高级讲师; 社会发展学院国际协调人;全球中国研究院信托人、《中国比较研究》执行编辑 [对话;招待会]
  • 田薪彤女士.利兹大学资助的新媒体和创意旅游企业家;全球中国研究所项目经理 [对话;招待会]
  • 王婧宜女士,英国剑桥大学博士候选人;全球中国研究院研究人员 [对话;招待会]
  • 吴芳思(Frances Wood)博士,英国国家图书馆前中文图书部主任、汉学家 [招待会]
  • 吴明清博士,全球中国研究院副秘书长、研究员 [对话;招待会]
  • 索菲亚·肖女士,UVIC教育集团 [对话;招待会]
  • 谢立中教授,中国北京社会理论研究中主任; 全球中国研究院中方院长 [开幕:发言;招待会]
  • 薛伶女士,中国文化和旅游部驻伦敦办事处主任 [招待会]
  • 杨硕博士,英国伦敦国王学院 [对话;招待会]
  • 易吴霜女士,英国伦敦国王学院战争研究系博士生 [版块三:发言;招待会]
  • 于洪君博士,中国人民争取和平与裁军协会副会长;当代中国与世界研究院高级研究员;北京丝绸之路合作与发展促进会高级顾问;中共中央对外联络部前副部长 [开幕式:致辞;招待会]
  • 于芃先生,中国驻英国大使馆文化处公使衔参赞 [招待会:发言]
  • 徐宝锋教授,北京语言大学人文社科学院教授,中国文化对外翻译与传播研究中心执行主任,一带一路研究院执行院长 [版块二:发言; 招待会]
  • 赵可金教授,清华大学清华大学社会科学学院副院长、全球共同发展研究院副院长 [闭幕:发言;招待会]
  • tbc, UVIC 教育集团 [对话;招待会]


Highlights 关注 Call for Participants to The 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 会议邀请: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Call for Participants to The 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 会议邀请: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式 Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! 恭贺各位2019猪年新禧! Digital Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing — Social Change and Cultural Transformation in Global Society (Pre-GCD Forum) 数字互联和智造论坛——全球社会变迁和文化转型(对话前论坛) The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V): Governance for Global Justice 第五届全球中国对话:全球正义治理通知 Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service for China and China in Comparative Studies (Post-GCD forum) 中国及中国比较研究学术出版与知识服务论坛(对话后论坛) Photo report: Agreement-signing ceremony and launch of English edition of China’s Role in a Shared Human Future at the London Book Fair 图片报道《中国在人类命运共同体中的角色》 ​合作出版签约仪式在伦敦书展举办
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公益组织注册号: 1154640


Affiliate member of the Academy of Social Sciences 英国社科院成员单位


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