‘All things flourish and return to the roots’
—— Kang Chunhui's Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Creation

Date: 24 March 2018, 2-4pm, Saturday  

Venue: UVIC, 4th Floor, Cannongate House, 64 Cannon St., London EC4N 6AE, UK

Chair: Professor Xiangqun Chang

Discussant: Ms Betty Lutyens-Humfrey

Speaker: Professor Kang Chunhui

Abstract: This is an introduction to Chinese ink painting as seen through the artist’s own paintings; the development of contemporary Chinese ink and its inheritance from traditional Chinese painting; comparison of the difference between contemporary Chinese ink painting and Western ink.

Speaker’s bio: Kang Chunhui, painter, Visiting Professor of Xinjiang Arts University, member of Beijing Art Association. She holds a bachelor's degree in Arts and Design from Jiangnan University and a master's degree from Seoul University’s School of the Arts. His works have been collected by the Akita Art Museum in Japan and won the Korean Presidential Award. Her works are published in several professional albums and periodicals, such as Revered Youth - Collection of Chinese Contemporary Young Artists, Vol. 2014, vol. 2015, Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House; Tibetan Art Guide, 2014, No. 96 and 2014, No. 94; Art Design, 2009 third issue. She held solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney. As the representatives of Chinese contemporary youth ink artists, she became one of the first of Chinese artists invited by the Royal Society of Artists and participated in the 301th Annual Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts from March 21 to 31, 2018.

This is one of the East and West Culture and Art Exchange Series, supported by the British Chinese Collectors Association, Global China Institute, WB Art Music Foundation, East & West Fine Arts Consulting. Download PDF file.  

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地点:UVIC, 4th Floor, Cannongate House, 64 Cannon St., London EC4N 6AE, UK




内容简介:艺术家将通过多幅作品以及在国外生活的体验,介绍,引读,欣赏中国当代水墨, 当代水墨与中国绘画之间的承传和发展,以及与西方水墨之间的异同。

讲座者简介:康春慧,画家,新疆艺术学院客座教授,北京美协会员。江南大学艺术与设计学院学士,首尔大学艺术学院硕士。其作品被日本秋田美术馆收藏,还曾获韩国总统奖;其作品发表在若干专业画册和期刊,如:《盛气青年——中国当代青年艺术家作品集》,安徽美术出版社,2014,2015年;《藏画导刊》2014.12月刊 第96期,2014.10月刊 第94期;《艺术设计》,2009年第三期 。在北京、香港、悉尼等地多次举办个展和群展。作为一位中国当代青年水墨艺术家的代表人物,她成为英国皇家艺术家协会(Royal Society of Artists)首次邀请的中国籍画家之一,于2018年3月21-31日参加英国皇家艺术院举办第301届年展


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