VII   Outcomes and publication

Main outcomes

  • Through transcultural dialogue, to arrive at a better response to the new challenges of global governance, including mutually beneficial cooperation and possibilities for symbiosis, co-existence and prosperity.
  • To promote collaboration between academic research institutions and think tanks in China and other countries and regions; to establish collaborative mechanisms on common concerns of academic interest, theories and methods focusing on 'globalization and China'.

Academic publications

After revision, the notes of speeches and discussions will be included in the Volume 2 of the Global China Dialogue Proceedings, and published jointly by the Global China Press and the New World Press (in English and Chinese versions).

The papers from the panel of Corpus approaches to governance in the context of climate change will be included in the Corpus Approaches to Chinese Social Sciences, published by the Global China Press (in English and Chinese versions).


Beside, after peer review, some papers may be published in the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP).


七  成果与出版


  • 通过跨文化的对话,寻找全球化语境下的新知识、新范式,以更好应对全球治理面临的挑战,并探索互利互惠、共生共存共荣的可能
  • 推动各国与中国的学术研究机构和智库的合作,共同关注“全球化与中国”话题下的学术、理论和方法,建立各机构和智库之间的合作机制


论坛的主要内容将收入《全球中国对话》系列文集第二辑,由全球中国出版社(Global China Press)和新世界出版社发表(中英文)





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