IX Essential Information, Venue and Map

Essential Information

  1. To ensure the smooth running of the conference, all delegates are required to abide by the conference schedule and regulations. 
  2. During the event, press conferences are not allowed to take place at the venue of the conference without permission from the Conference Programme Committee. Neither can books and leaflets or any other products be sold or distributed without seeking prior permission from the organizers. 
  3. The conference takes place in central London. Please travel with care. Keep yourself and your belongings safe. 
  4. Throughout the conference please switch off your mobile phone or set it to vibrate only to avoid causing any disturbance.
  5. The programme is very full. We will have to maintain very strict time discipline to allow everyone their allotted time including Q & A slots.
  6. isclaimer: the speakers, topics and times are correct at the time of publishing. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to alter or delete items from the conference programme.
  7. All the hospitality, registration, book stands, evening reception, etc. will take place in the Entrance Hall and the Gallery.  Please note: all the journals and books on our stalls are DISPLAY only. Please don’t take any copy. We are not sale journals or books at the event, but the order forms will be available, and welcome to take as many as you need.
  8. Before and after you have arrived London if you need any help please contact the following people:
  • Xiangqun Chang  079 1071 6068
  • Philip Hao   078 3403 9949
  • David Feng   07940367539
  • Chuting Chen 077 4688 3558




九 温馨提示、 地址和地图


  1. 为保障论坛顺利进行,请与会代表遵守会议作息时间及各项规定。
  2. 会议期间,未经会务组批准,不得在会场召开新闻发布会,不得散发图书资料、推销商品。
  3. 会议地点在伦敦市区,与会代表请遵守相关法律及相关规定,注意人身及财物安全。
  4. 会议期间,敬请将手机设为振动或关闭,以便会议顺利进行。
  5. 会议议程排得很满。务必严格遵守时间,以确保每位发言者15分钟时间以及规定的问答环节时间。
  6. 免责声明:演讲者姓名,主题和时间在出版时是正确的。然而,在发生意外情况时,主办单位有权更改或删除相关内容的权利。
  7. 所有的接待、登记、书刊展位、茶歇和午餐均在Entrance Hall and the Gallery。注意:展台上的期刊和书籍是陈列品,请勿拿走。我们在会议期间不卖书刊,但是会提供订单,欢迎需要多少拿多少。
  8.  抵达伦敦前后若需帮助请与会务组工作人员联系方式:
  • 常向群 079 1071 6068
  • 郝斐  078 3403 9949
  • 冯琰  079 4036 7539
  • 陈楚廷 077 4688 3558



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