I    Introduction

The GCDs were conceived in 2014 as a series of seven annual events that would ideally culminate in proposals for the reform of global governance.

The sixth GCD (GCD VI) will be held in London on the 6th December 2019, and will be the last of the series to take place in the UK. It has brought you about 30 speakers consists of academics, professionals, practitioners and officials, and more than 100 participants from China, Jordan, Nigeria, France, Germany, Denmark and the UK. The theme of the Dialogue will be Governance for World Peace. It will highlight crucial settings for the international cooperation that is required for reform to take place, based on the resolution of long-standing conflicts.

Keeping to the format of previous GCDs, GCD VI will have four panel sessions in one day, allowing short presentations and ample time for Q & A. Each session will have a balanced panel of one or two Chinese and two or three participants from the rest of the world. The GCD VI panels include:

  • Mediation and peace-making in civil conflicts
  • Belt and Road and tension reduction between countries and cultures
  • China's role in multilateral peacekeeping
  • Civilizational values and the promotion of peace

Each presentation or discussion clearly involves a very different scenario, and each will conform to the Chinese ‘red line’: no interference in the internal affairs of another country. However, any reform of global governance inevitably calls for understanding of the internal affairs of other countries. This conundrum will be at the heart of the debates in the GCDs.

As per previous GCDs, we also planned pre- and post- GCD VI events. In the Chinese culture, number 6 is a lucky number, meaning in this case that everything should go smoothly. However, there have been ups and downs in organizing the 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI).

On the 16th January the Global China Institute (GCI) was approached by a representative of the “disciples” of Professor Fei Xiaohong (Fei Hsiao-Tung), a pioneering Chinese anthropologist and sociologist, proposing the theme of “following Fei Xiaotong’s footprints to the UK with the ‘Human nature and habits’ research team” in early December 2019. The research project was funded by Hengyuanxiang Group of China which was interested in the theme of the Belt and Road Initiative in the exploration of Scottish whisky culture and spirit. Their proposed time overlapped the period of GCD VI.

After a mutual understanding a very ambitious programme was proposed. The GCD VI will have three pre- and two post-Dialogue events with the topic of globalization of Chinese social sciences from 1st to 9th December at universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Cambridge, LSE and University of Oxford in turn. The Organizing Committee selected 6 delegates from the proposed Chinese delegation: four speakers at the Dialogue and two for greetings at the Reception. If everything went smoothly we need not arrange other Chinese speakers to participate in the GCD VI which effectively would be a “closed event”. It would not be fair for other Chinese potential speakers if they submitted titles and abstracts that were stronger than our agreed above speakers if we followed normal procedure to made a “call for speakers”.

With great support from the UK academics we almost completed the all the arrangements and bookings for the proposed pre- and post- Dialogue events in the middle September. However, in early October, we were informed that the entire trip of Fei’s disciples to the UK had to be postponed due to the reason out of their control.

Fortunately, we have managed to obtain alternative high quality Chinese speakers within this short notice. Therefore we decide to produce two editions of the GCD VI brochure:

  • One for the GCD VI only which includes those speakers who submitted their titles and abstracts but were unable to come for one reason or another. In the sections of “Programme” and “participants” there will be noted as “Cancelled” against their names; in the section “Speakers’ bios, titles and abstracts” they will be listed under the category of “Absent speakers” after each session/panel. This brochure will be printed and distributed at the GCD VI as they enriched the views from Chinese speakers to the GCD VI.
  • Another brochure consisting of two parts: GCD VI, pre- and post-dialogue events including the itinerary of their UK trip. This will be only available online for record and future reference.

Fortunate or unfortunate, GCI will continue to bring the theories and methods from studies of Chinese society and comparative studies of China from different social scientific disciplines to the human knowledge palace, and bring resources from China, Chinese and comparative studies to provide knowledge-based social consultancy and build a public dialogue platform, GCD series, focusing on global governance related issues.

Here, we express our warmest thanks and deepest gratitude to all the organizers, members of the Organizing Committee, supporters, sponsors, speakers, chairs, discussants and participants including volunteers, listed in this and previous brochures, for without them the Global China Dialogue series would not even be possible.

The theme of the seventh GCD (GCD VII) is Reforming Global Governance. It will be co-organized with the Institute of Global Common Development, Tsinghua University, and will take place in Beijing in October 2020.

一  活动简介


      第六届全球中国对话 (GCD VI) 将于2019年12月6日在伦敦举办,自中国、约旦、尼日利亚、法国、德国、丹麦、英国的30名演讲嘉宾,包括学者、专家、专业和从业人士以及官员政要,以及逾百名参会嘉宾,将汇集英国学术院参加在伦敦举办的最后一场全球中国对话。对话的主题是世界和平治理,它将强调在解决长期冲突的基础上进行改革所需的国际合作的关键环境。


  • 民事冲突中的调解与和平
  • 一带一路与减缓国家和文化之间的紧张局势
  • 中国在多边维和中的作用
  • 文明价值观与促进和平



      1月16日,以中国著名人类学家和社会学家费孝通教授的部分“弟子”(费门弟子)组成的 “人性与习惯”课题组的一位负责人,与全球中国研究沟通,告知将于2019年12月上旬以“重走费孝通海外之路”为主题到英国考察并作学术交流。该研究项目由中国恒源祥集团资助,他们希望同时能在“一带一路”议题下探讨苏格兰威士忌文化和精神。他们建议的时间与第六届全球中国对话的时间重叠。




  • 第一本用于本届对话,其中包括那些提交了题目和提要但由于某种原因而无法出席的演讲者。在“流程”和“参与者”部分中,他们的名字后面将注明“取消”;在“演讲者的简历、题目和提要”部分,他们将在每个版块后列入“缺席发言者”。这本手册将印刷并在会上分发,因为提供了更为丰富的中国学者的观点;
  • 另一本包括两部分:对话、对话前后的学术交流活动以及代表团英国行的详细安排。这本手册只做电子版,供为来参考。

      无论幸运与否有,全球中国研究院将一如既往把来自对中国社会及其中国比较研究的理论和方法成果推介到产生于西方的社会科学的不同学科或曰人类的知识大厦里去。 同时通过中国和华人以及与其他国家和地区做比较研究资源,来搭建从事以知识为基础的社会咨询和全球治理相关议题的全球中国对话平台,参与全球社会的社会建设和人类命运共同体的构建。


      第七届全球中国对话(GCD VII)的主题是全球治理改革,将于2020年10月与清华大学全球共同研究院合作在北京举办。

Highlights 关注 Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! 恭贺各位2020鼠年新禧! Photo Report: A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives was held at University of Cambridge Photo Report: A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives was held at University of Cambridge 多重视野看新时代中国发展道路研讨会在剑桥大学举行 Photo report: the 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 图片报道: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Photo report: the 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 图片报道: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Call for Participants to The 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 会议邀请: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Call for Participants to The 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 会议邀请: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 The 6th Global China Dialogue - speakers and abstracts 第六届全球中国对话-嘉宾简介及内容提要 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式
The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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